The Ace of Wands Tarot Card

The Ace of Wands Tarot Card

The Ace of Wands

Tarot Card Number: 5

The Ace of Wands Tarot Card Description

The card shows a right hand holding a wooden stick with branches and leaves. Some of the leaves are falling. In the background one can see a river running under a hill, upon which is a castle. This card is often used to represent Spring and the direction of south.

Primary Meaning

As the Aces are the beginning of a cycle, the primary meaning of The Ace of Wands Tarot Card points to that of a new idea or business opportunity. It shows inventiveness and there might be a proposal, phone call or a letter indicating a potential business opportunity. A new beginning

It would be a good card to turn up in case of a question relating a new business or endeavor. But this card is related to the work or the project itself, not the profitability or financial matters relating to it. For that one needs to look at the surrounding cards.

The Wands Tarot Card Suit relates to the career and the view towards the career. Therefor it’s possible that the cards are indicating the Questioners ideas about his career, rather than actual career relating matters.

Because of this, the card could symbolize the birth of an idea of a business venture in stead of being the business venture itself. The idea may be there, but it’s up to the individual to act on it or not.

Though this suit relates primarily to the career, sometimes the ace may foresee a birth of a child. This interpretation is totally dependent on the surrounding cards.

Secondary Meaning

The Ace of Wands may also indicate a new beginning, but some issues might be at hand. It might be a sign of a false start or ideas not pursued. It might indicate in some cases, problem for women in relations to men.

Depending on the surrounding cards, this card could mean difficulties concerning sterility or barrenness in relation to childbirth or the Questioners wish to become pregnant. This of course is more of an issue in a woman’s spread, though it might turn up with a man, if he and his partner are trying to have a baby.

Primary Keywords

New beginning, new ideas. New business opportunities to be pursued. Birth of a child.

Secondary Keywords

False start, ideas not pursued. Barrenness or sterility in relation to child conception.

The Cups Tarot Card Suit

The following list, represents the aspects of the Cups Tarot Card Suit:

  • Emotional aspects of life
  • The primal element of Water
  • The Astrological signs, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio
  • The letter Heh of the Divine Name (the emergence of energy into form)

Overview Of The Cups Tarot Card Suit

The Cups Tarot Card Suit revolves around emotions. They are the core of this suit and therefor you should view it from an emotional point of view. That is, you should not look at them as indicating events or attitude towards your Questioner, rather you should look at it from the emotional viewpoint of your Questioner.

It’s quite common for us to think or imagine things or individuals to be different from what they really are. Allowing our emotions to play a big part in the way we see things. This also affects how we should read the cards or interpret them.

We may believe that what we read is the reality, but it could also be the “reality” of our Questioner. An example could be a woman who thinks a man, is in love with her, when he isn’t. Her relationship with this man could show up in the reading as two of cups, indicating a beginning of a romantic relationship.

This example would be bad to interpret this way, as it is far from the truth. Here the Questioners feelings, or assumptions are affecting the result, as this relates to her emotional feeling toward this man. Not his feelings towards her.

This kind of misreading are common when it comes to reading this suit. Quite often readers are misunderstanding the idea of the emotion, connecting it to strongly with love or romantic matters.

Love is unquestionable an emotion, while emotions are not all love. Hate, rage, anger, sorrow, are all emotions that have nothing to do with love, apart from being the complete opposites.

The Cups should therefor be interpreted more as an emotional aspect of a relationship between individuals or a sign of how the Questioner sees or experiences events around him.

One thing the reader should also keep in mind, is that emotional matters or interpretations may be blunt or be uncomfortable to the Questioner. This is less important when the Questioner is not related to the reader, but when he is a friend or a relative, the reader must be careful to be over blunt in his reading.

Physical Characteristics Of The Cups Court Cards

Court Card Hair Color Eye Color
King Fair Blue
Queen Golden Brown Blue
Knight Brown Gray or Blue
Page Brown Brown or Blue

A list of Cups Tarot Cards will follow soon

The Wands Tarot Card Suit

The following list, represents the aspects of the Wands Tarot Card Suit:

  • Career
  • The Fire element
  • The Astrological signs, Leo, Aries and Sagittarius
  • The letter Yod of the Divine Name (the primal energy force)

Overview Of The Wands Tarot Card Suit

The Wands are a bit difficult to interpret individually. A majority of Wands in a spread point towards career, work or a business venture. But it does not give more details than that and can result in a confused reading.

The cards might indicate the Questioners attitude toward the work or opportunity or how it affects other suits. For a detailed reading, one needs to look at the other cards in the spread and especially what other suits are dominant.

Even though this suit relates to the career aspects of life or work, one should not confuse it with the presence of money or material gains. There is actually no correlation between work and money, as people might work long hours and still end up with almost an empty wallet.

To explain this better, consider a spread where the Wands are dominant with a strong support from the Swords Tarot Card Suit. This might relate to charitable work on behalf of the Questioner or that he’s faced with a difficult health issue that needs to be worked on.

As a business venture, a strong support of the Pentacles Tarot Card Suit, is a strong indication that this is a profitable business or that there is the potential for a profit.

If the Wands turn up when the Questioner is looking at a change of job or working environment, a majority of the Wands might indicate that the working environment or professional issues might play a major role in the Questioners decision. If the Wands come up as a support to strong presence of the Pentacles Tarot Card Suit, we might be looking at money or financial gains playing a major role.

So even though the general meaning of this suit is work, it may also relate to hobbies or charitable work. But what ever it may turn out to be, it will involve effort or hard work. This suit does not point towards a time of leisure.

Physical Characteristics Of The Wands Court Cards

Court Card Hair Color Eye Color
King Red or Blond Gray or Hazel
Queen Red or Blond Blue or Brown
Knight Blond Blue or Grey
Page Red or Blond Blue

A list of Wands Tarot Cards will follow soon

The Swords Tarot Card Suit

The following list, represents the aspects of the Swords Tarot Card Suit:

  • Mental aspects of life
  • The primal element of Air
  • The Astrological signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
  • The letter Vau of the Divine Name (the stabilization of form)

Overview Of The Swords Tarot Card Suit

When it comes to The Swords Tarot Card Suit, most people frown, as this suit has a very bad reputation. Death, sickness, arguments and conflict is the core understanding of most of the cards in the suit.

This is all true and I understand those who don’t like when this suit turns up. But the fact of the matter is, that life can be difficult and all these things are part of life. As the suit relating to mental aspects of life, it’s to be expected that the turmoil of our daily life show up here.

These things being part of life is all good and well, but why do we feel that this suit turns up so frequently? Life has been changing through the centuries, but not necessarily to the better. Modern life is without a question more fulfilling and offers more choices of entertainment and activities, but there is a dark shadow following our way of life.

For many, life is not this happy fairground where the fun never stops. Rather they feel it to be completely the opposite. Life for many is difficult and swarming with sickness and bad health. Death and destruction. Their experience of life is one of struggle and obstacles.

One of the main reason for our fear of this suit, is the fact that we’ve forgotten the basics of life, you get born and then you die. Of course with life passing on in-between. We’ve blocked these things and forgotten that they are the natural aspects of life.

But before you fall into despair and frustration, you should also remember that this is the suit of mental aspects, mental also indicating that the cards might not necessarily be foretelling actual events or situations, but rather it could be the way the Questioner experiences them.

Quite often. Actually most of the time, we experience things in a more drastic or dramatic manner than what the reality actually has to offer. We also forget, that reality is most of the time how we experience things and not something written in stone.

Two individuals might experience the exact same event or situation in a completely different way. Giving them two distinct and different “realities”. So who’s reality is real?

We must not forget that this suit can also indicate triumph and travel over water and thus indicating favorable changes or even opportunities as they quite often follow changes.

What you as a reader must bear in mind, is the way you explain or read these cards. Though they may be showing difficulties or despair, they’re also part of how we visualize them.

Life is full of surprises and we should focus on the way we want to experience it, rather than letting the events control our experience.

Physical Characteristics Of The Swords Court Cards

Court Card Hair Color Eye Color
King Dark Brown Dark
Queen Light Brown Grey
Knight Dark Dark
Page Light Brown Blue

A list of Swords Tarot Cards will follow soon

The Pentacles Tarot Card Suit

The following list, represents the aspects of the Pentacles Tarot Card Suit:

  • Material issues
  • The Earth element
  • The Astrological signs, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo
  • The letter Heh of the Divine Name (the completion of energy into form)

Overview Of The Pentacles Tarot Card Suit

Money and material things is the core meaning of this suit. In addition this suit is probably the most up front suit of the four suits of the Minor Arcana. Its down to earth aspects makes this suit a very comfortable suit to have in a reading, especially if it is the dominant suit.

For simple straightforward answers, this suit is quite convenient as the Questioners life seems to open up in front of the Reader. On the other hand, this might pose some complications as it may seem that the Reader is only stating the obvious, telling the Questioner something he already knows.

It may be difficult to interpret this suit on its own, as the money aspect is usually something that is a consequence of some other action or event. This puts more importance to other suits or cards in the spread.

For example if a spread shows a dominant Pentacle Tarot Card Suit supported by a healthy doze of the Wands Tarot Card Suit, then the Questioner can expect financial gains in a business opportunity or carrier move.

If it’s supported by the Cups Tarot Card Suit, the Questioner might be worrying about his financial situation or that he might be faced with a choice in relation to financial matters.

As a secondary suit, the Pentacles may give financial support to other suits. Looking at the Wands Tarot Cards Suit as a dominant suit, the Pentacles could indicate that the work at hand has financial potentials. It might also mean that the Questioner is more interested in the work itself, rather than the financial potentials.

A dominant Cups Tarot Card Suit, could indicate that the Questioner is faced with choices that could involve financial benefits. Here the choice is the center of the reading and the Pentacles only a possible byproduct of the choice.

Money and material things seem to rule or control everything in our life. It’s therefor quite common to see Pentacles in spreads. But we have to understand that money has no value. It only represents value. This is why the Pentacles Tarot Card Suit can seldom be interpreted independently.

Physical Characteristics Of The Pentacles Court Cards

Court Card Hair Color Eye Color
King Dark Dark
Queen Dark Dark
Knight Dark Brown Dark
Page Rich Brown Dark

A list of Pentacles Tarot Cards will follow soon

The Minor Arcana

The full 78 deck of the Tarot Cards, is divided into two main groups, The Minor Arcana and The Major Arcana of which the former is the larger group.

The group consists of four suits of 14 cards, or 56 cards in total. The suits consist of Swords, Pentacles, Wands and Cups.

These cards are further divided into basic cards numbered from 2 to 10 and court cards of four, being the King, Queen, Knight and Page, with the Ace being the first in each suit.

The Minor Arcana 56 cards are common to the regular deck of 52 cards, with the exception of the Page. This card is not used in the regular deck as it merged with the Knight early on. Some South-European countries even use the 56 deck cards instead of the better known 52 cards deck.

The Minor Arcana As A Divination Tool

The cards of the Minor Arcana are often used by them self for divination purposes, with out using them along with the other 22 cards. We should not forget that many use the regular deck of 52 cards for divination purposes.

The 56 cards can be divided into two main groups for divination purposes, the court cards representing individuals or characters, while the basic cards representing situations or events.

This is why the Significator is usually picked from the court cards, by looking at the outside characteristics or preferably by looking at the Questioners astrological signs.

The Four Suits

The four suits are named respectively Swords, Pentacles or Coins, Wands, Staffs or Sticks and Cups. The names of the Pentacles and Wands vary, but I prefer to use the names Pentacles and Wands on this site.

These names are related to the deck of 52 cards as follows; Pentacles are Diamonds, Wands are Clubs, Cups are Hearts and Swords become Spades through the Spanish word Espada

Each of the four suits have basic characteristics that are related to the four elements, astrological signs, daily aspects and a letter of the Divine Name, Yahweh.

The following table shows the relationship between the characteristics and the four suits;

Name of Suit Element Astrological Signs Daily Aspect Divine Letter
Wands Fire Leo, Aries, Sagittarius Career Yod
Cups Water Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio Emotions Heh
Swords Air Gemini, Libra, Aquarius Mental Vau
Pentacles Earth Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo Money and Material Heh

Court Cards

The court cards are four in each suit, not three as in the regular deck of 52 cards. These are the King, Queen, Knight and Page or Princess.

These cards are used as Significators to represent the Questioner in the spreads. These cards represent individuals mainly according to the astrological sign of the Questioner, sex and age.

Kings represent mature men of 25 or older, while Queens represent women of the same age. Knights and Pages or Princesses cover the younger persons, from around 13 to 25 with the exception of the Page who also represents young children of both sexes.

In addition the court cards are thought to represent the elements. The King representing Air, Queens representing Water, Knights representing Fire while Pages represent Earth.