I got my first deck of tarot cards in 1979 after having seen one that my friend just bought. This was a Rider-Wait Tarot deck, having become popular with the James Bond film Live and Let Die.

What aroused my curiosity, was the descriptive pictures and the mystical symbolism associated with them. This was the beginning of a long quest as well as being the first of several different types of decks.

Though for me the Tarot cards are first and foremost a medium for spiritual guidance, the fortunetelling has always been close at hand.

Tarot Cards As A Spiritual Medium

By going through the meaning of each card one acquires a certain sense of understanding of society and not least one self. Looking at the Tarot card definitions the meaning becomes clear and the path of self discovery begins to read like an open book.

As a way to help in meditation, the Tarot cards can be quite helpful. Each card has a certain meaning and by picking out one that symbolizes the purpose of the meditation, the card can be used as a focus point for the meditation process.

Tarot Cards As A Window Into The Future

I believe that anybody can see the future by way of reading the cards. It’s just a question of time and be prepared to spend a lot of time for it.

As I’ve just launched this site, some of the cards or suits have not been uploaded. I expect this to be finished soon, but until then I hope the material that I’ve already put on the site will serve you well until I’ve finished uploading the rest.