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About The Tarot Cards Meanings Guide

Ion - owner and founder of

Hi, I’m Ion, the owner and founder of this website. My goal is for is to be both a place for you to get to know the Tarot Cards and their meanings, as well as how they can guide you when confronted with complex personal questions.

As well as covering all things Tarot, I will also cover Astrology and other esoteric subjects related to the Tarot Cards, their meanings and how they can guide you.

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About Me

My first introduction to the Tarot Cards, was in 1979, when I was introduced to a set of cards when I was 14 years old. It was a set of Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Cards that ignited my curiosity and I soon got my own set of cards, a set that I still own to this day.

I soon realized that the Tarot Cards are more than just 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards, to be used for divination. A realization that sparked my interest in the Esoteric world.

Though initially, I looked at the Tarot Cards as a medium for divination, I quickly realized that they are in fact much more than that. I consider the Tarot Cards to be a guide for personal development and enlightenment, much more than a divination tool.

When studying the Tarot Cards and their meanings, a world of knowledge opens up and it becomes ever so clear, that there is so much more to our universe and the energy that controls it. It becomes clear that we are capable of so much more than we realize.

The Tarot Cards and Their Connection to The Esoteric World

Realizing the connection between the Tarot Cards and the Esoteric world, opens up a connection for you to experience life on a completely new level.

It is this realization, that I want you to experience, by guiding you through the meaning of the Tarot Cards, Astrology and other aspects of the Esoteric world.


I will be covering the Tarot Cards as a tool for divination and their meanings as such. I will also talk about Astrology and the Zodiac Signs in the connection with horoscopes and readings.

Even though I look at the Tarot Cards and the Esoteric studies, more as a tool for personal development, I think that there is also room for the divination site of it.

Tarot Cards Insights and Astrological Aspects of Our Character

One of the things I want to look at, is how we can use the Tarot Cards and Astrology to give us insight into various questions and challenges that we may be confronted with.

I believe that we can use the insight the Tarot Cards and Astrology give us, as guides to how we can approach different questions and challenges, we are faced with.

The Tarot Cards and Astrology should not be used as a directive on how we are to live our live. Instead, we should use their insights into the different aspects of our world, as a guidance in our life.

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