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Astrology and Tarot Cards

Astrology and Tarot Cards

Together, Astrology and Tarot Cards, form a stronger base for divination and understanding of the spiritual realm and self-development.


The Connection Between Astrology and Tarot Cards

In the world of divination and spiritual self-development, Astrology and Tarot cards emerge as ancient guides, illuminating the path to self-discovery. They help us to look into the connection between these mystical realms, where celestial bodies meet the Tarot cards, offering insights into the tapestry of our lives.

Astrology, with its roots tracing back to ancient civilizations, interprets the influence of celestial bodies on earthly existence. Tarot Cards, a unique divination system, unveil the secrets of the past, present, and future through symbolic imagery. Together, they form a symbiotic relationship, enriching the seeker’s journey with cosmic wisdom.

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Astrology and Tarot Cards Main Points of Interest

  1. Astrological Correspondences:
    • Each Tarot card resonates with specific astrological energies, aligning with planets, zodiac signs, and astrological houses.
    • Understanding these correspondences enhances the depth of Tarot readings.
  2. Major Arcana and Astrology:
    • The Major Arcana cards often embody archetypal energies associated with planets and zodiac signs.
    • For instance, The High Priestess aligns with the moon, symbolizing intuition and mystery.
  3. Minor Arcana and Zodiac Signs:
  4. Astrological Spreads:
    • Tarot spreads can be designed to reflect astrological configurations, providing nuanced insights into planetary influences.
    • Combining astrological knowledge with Tarot adds layers of meaning to readings.

The Zodiac Signs and the Tarot Cards

Understanding the connection between zodiac signs and Tarot adds layers of depth to your divination practice. Each sign’s unique characteristics blend seamlessly with the symbolism of Tarot, creating a connection that gives a deeper understanding of the cosmic connection.

Zodiac SignCharacteristicsAssociated PlanetMajor Arcana Tarot CardMinor Arcana Suit
AriesEnergetic, assertive, pioneeringMarsThe EmperorWands (Fire)
TaurusPatient, determined, sensualVenusThe HierophantPentacles (Earth)
GeminiAdaptable, curious, communicativeMercuryThe LoversSwords (Air)
CancerNurturing, intuitive, emotionalMoonThe ChariotCups (Water)
LeoConfident, generous, charismaticSunStrengthWands (Fire)
VirgoDetail-oriented, practical, analyticalMercuryThe HermitPentacles (Earth)
LibraDiplomatic, sociable, aestheticVenusJusticeSwords (Air)
ScorpioIntense, determined, transformativePlutoDeathCups (Water)
SagittariusOptimistic, adventurous, philosophicalJupiterTemperanceWands (Fire)
CapricornDisciplined, ambitious, responsibleSaturnThe DevilPentacles (Earth)
AquariusInnovative, independent, humanitarianUranusThe StarSwords (Air)
PiscesCompassionate, artistic, intuitiveNeptune/JupiterThe MoonCups (Water)
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Astrological Spreads and Tarot Cards

Beyond individual card meanings, Tarot spreads can be crafted to mirror astrological configurations. Whether it’s a Celtic Cross aligning with planetary positions or a Zodiac Spread reflecting the houses, the synergy between astrology and Tarot deepens the reading experience.

Designing spreads that resonate with the seeker’s astrological chart adds layers of meaning to the interpretation. For example, a spread aligning with the seeker’s sun, moon, and rising signs can provide a comprehensive view of their strengths, challenges, and potential paths.

Incorporating Astrology into Tarot Readings

Astrology Zodiac Signs
The Zodiac signs of Astrology

Understanding the astrological correspondences in Tarot opens the door to a more nuanced reading experience. By incorporating astrology into Tarot readings, you elevate the experience from mere divination to a cosmic exploration tailored to the seeker’s unique celestial blueprint.

Here are practical tips for seamlessly integrating astrology into your Tarot practice.

  1. Know Your Seeker’s Astrological Chart:
    • Request the seeker’s birth date, time, and location to generate their astrological chart.
    • Align Tarot spreads with the positions of planets in their chart for personalized insights.
  2. Explore Planetary Influences:
    • Familiarize yourself with the characteristics of each planet and its impact on the seeker’s life.
    • Tailor interpretations based on prominent planetary positions in the spread.
  3. Combine Astrological and Tarot Symbolism:
    • Merge the symbolic language of Tarot with astrological insights.
    • For example, if the seeker’s sun sign is Leo (ruled by the Sun), explore cards related to strength, confidence, and vitality.
  4. Astrological Timing:
    • Use astrology to determine auspicious times for specific readings.
    • Consider lunar phases, planetary transits, or significant astrological events.
  5. Astro-Tarot Spreads:
    • Design spreads that align with astrological configurations.
    • Explore spreads reflecting the seeker’s sun, moon, and rising signs for a comprehensive reading.

As you step into the cosmic realm of Astrology and Tarot, remember that the universe is your guide, and each card drawn is a celestial message tailored to your unique journey. Embrace the symbiosis, navigate the cosmic currents, and unlock the transformative power of this mystical partnership.


1. Can anyone use astrology in their Tarot readings?

Absolutely! While some background knowledge in astrology enhances the experience, anyone can integrate astrological insights into their Tarot practice with curiosity and dedication.

2. How do I incorporate astrology if I’m new to Tarot?

Start by learning the basics of astrology and gradually explore correspondences with Tarot cards. Begin with your own birth chart and experiment with incorporating planetary influences into your readings.

3. Are there specific Tarot spreads for astrological inquiries?

Yes, there are various spreads designed to align with astrological configurations. Experiment with spreads that reflect planetary positions, zodiac signs, or astrological houses.

4. Can astrology and Tarot predict the future?

While they provide insights into current energies and potential paths, both systems emphasize guidance and self-discovery rather than predicting a predetermined future. The future is not carved in stone, you always have a choice.

5. How often should I incorporate astrology into my Tarot readings?

The frequency is subjective and depends on personal preference. Some may choose to integrate astrology into every reading, while others may reserve it for special occasions or when seeking in-depth insights.

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