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Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread is probably the most popular, as well as the most known Tarot Card spread around. This is based on the simple fact that the spread is easy to learn and is very convenient when dealing with a reading that is not based on a specific question.

Usually this spread is believed to have a “live span” of around three months. There are situations where this time frame is to short, so you should never promise things to be done by the third month. The duration is more for the Reader to work with, especially if he is doing other spreads for the same Questioner or if he is getting readings on a regular bases.


Reading The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

First the Reader finds a Significator based on the Questioner or the individual the Questioner wants the reading to be focused on. The Significator can be based on the Astrological sign of the individual or his physical characteristics.

The Significator should be picked from The Minor Arcana based on the physical aspects or Astrological sign, as explained in relation to each of the four Suits.

The cards should be read from one to ten, with the meaning of the Tarot Cards being the following;

  1. What’s on the Questioner’s mind
  2. Obstacles in the way or things affecting the situation
  3. The past or goals set
  4. The present
  5. Immediate future
  6. Far future
  7. How the Questioner sees him self
  8. How others see the Questioner
  9. Hopes and fears
  10. The overall outcome

The layout of the cards in the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread varies between readers, as to the placement of the first six cards. I use the following placements;

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread
The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread


  1. The first card is placed on top of the Significator at the center of the spread
  2. The second card is placed horizontal on top of card one
  3. Card three is placed on top of card two
  4. The fourth card is placed under card two
  5. Card five is placed to the left
  6. Card six is placed to the right
  7. Card seven is placed to the right of the cross
  8. Card eight is placed just above card seven
  9. Card nine is placed above card eight
  10. Card ten is placed on top of the line formed by cards seven to nine

In this spread, the Tarot Cards are looked at individually and are not read in relation to other cards in the spread. For that reason, the cards are often read in reference to the primary or secondary meaning, dignified or ill-dignified.


The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread Reading Example

In this given example, the Questioner is a dark skinned, dark haired older woman, so we pick the Queen of Pentacles as the Significator for this spread. The following cards are drawn.

  1. The Empress
  2. The Eight of Swords
  3. The Knight of Cups
  4. The Strength reversed
  5. The Hanged Man
  6. The Two of Cups
  7. The Five of Cups
  8. The Chariot
  9. The Star
  10. The Ten of Cups

The Questioner is concerned with family matters, pregnancy might be an issue. The Eight of Swords indicate that there are restrictions or issues holding back the Questioner and a favorable outcome.

A young man with strong feelings towards the Questioner, a possible lover or even a husband, has been prominent in the Questioners past.

The Questioner is faced with issues that he finds difficult to overcome and there is loss of hope or defeat in the air. The Questioner needs all his energy to hold on to hope.

In spite of difficulties, the Questioner is willing to adapt to changes and make sacrifice in favor of a better future. Further into the future, there is a sign of a partnership. Though this may be either a personal or business relationship, there are strong indications that it will be based on mutual positive feelings.

There is a feeling of loss in the heart of the Questioner and sadness. But there is a faint hope, a lifeline that maintains the light in the Questioners life.

In the eyes of the people around, the Questioner is seen as a person that is in full control of circumstances. A person that succeeds through hard work and on its own accord.

The Questioner is positive towards the future and hope and good will is keeping him strong.

The overall outcome of the reading is extremely favorable for the Questioner, with the Ten of Cups usually giving good hope. Being in essence a wish come true card.

As a general overlook, it might be said that the Questioner is concerned with relationship matters. There seems to have been an individual in the life of the Questioner. A person that is not present at the moment.

There are difficulties in the environment that are putting the Questioner down, but due to the adaptability of the Questioner, he manages to go on. The result of that perseverance will be the forming of a beneficial relationship.

Though the Questioner is having problems, he manages to maintain the image of a strong and successful individual. Something that might be increasing the pressure in the environment.

The Questioner is successful in maintaining good spirit and hope, that will result in a very favorable outcome for him.

What the Questioner needs to do, is to hold on to his faith as that will result in a favorable outcome.

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