Category: Major Arcana

  • The Empress Tarot Card

    Tarot Card Number: 3 Tree Number: 14 Ruled By: Venus Hebrew Letter: Daleth Numerical Value: 9   The Empress Tarot Card Description For those looking for the ideal card of a good future, this is the card one tends to look for. The card is identified with fertility and material wealth, symbolized by a woman […]

  • The Papess Tarot Card

    Tarot Card Number: 2 Tree Number: 13 Ruled By: The Moon Hebrew Letter: Gimel Numerical Value: 9   The Papess Tarot Card Description This card, sometimes called The High Priestess Tarot Card, is a bit controversial card within the Major Arcana. The controversy lies in the two names, The High Priestess Tarot Card is so […]

  • The Fool Tarot Card

    Tarot Card Number: 0 Tree Number: 11 Ruled By: Air Hebrew Letter: Aleph Numerical Value: 3   The Fool Tarot Card Description The Fool Tarot Card is a special card within the Major Arcana Tarot Cards. Its numerical value of 0 basically puts it wherever within the deck. Traditionally the card is placed in front […]