A New Site Emerges

Those who frequent this website have noticed that it has changed considerably. It basically is becoming a new site. The reason is that my original hosting service restricted my design possibilities and it took quite a long time to update the site, i.e. to post new pages etc. This and a certain lack of time has kept me from maintaining this site and keeping it up to the standard this site deserves.

I’ve moved the site to a new host and having reduced some of my activities, I will be able to spend more time on this site.

After some minor fine tuning, I’ll be adding the four suits of the Minor Arcana, the Cups, Wands, Swords and Pentacles. These have been waiting way to long for their place on this site and I hope well be seeing the first cards within a week or so.

I hope my regular readers will like the changes and that the new ones will find the site informative, as I now my older readers have.

Until now, blogging has not been a part of this site, but I plan to use that venue in the future, though I can’t promise how frequently I’ll be blogging.

A blogging platform also opens the possibility for my visitors to comment on posts and will my blog be open to anyone interested to participate in a constructive dialog. I will be asking those who want to comment, to register on the site, but that is only to reduce the spamming. The information given will not be used for anything except in relation to the commenting.

As I’m using this post to inform about the present changes, I would be grateful if you would be interested in giving me your ideas about the site and how you would like it to be. I would also be interested in hearing about what you’re looking for in relation to the Tarot Cards.