Category: Reading Instructions

  • Make Your Own Tarot Cards

    When you make your own Tarot Cards, you not only get exactly the cards you want, but you’ll also get an extremely strong connection with your cards. This kind of connection is something that can be difficult to achieve with standard cards. Of course a drawing talent is a plus, but you don’t need it […]

  • List of Tarot Card Meanings

    A list of Tarot Card meanings is one of the things that is crucial while learning to read the Tarot Cards. This page offers a list of all the cards, with a link to each individual card where you can find more detailed information about each card. To learn to read the Tarot Cards, you […]

  • Learning to Read Tarot Cards

    Learning to read Tarot Cards is fun, and it’s not just a way to see the future, but also a tool for spiritual guidance. What ever the reason is for your interest, it’s going to need dedication and work. One other thing you should keep in mind, is that learning to read Tarot Cards is […]

  • Tarot Card Reading Instructions

    Many believe that getting good Tarot Card reading instructions can be difficult. Quite often people believe that the ones knowing “the secret” of reading the cards, don’t want others to know. That they will be guarding their trait secrets. This might be the case with some, but I believe that the really gifted ones will […]