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Six of Cups Tarot Card

Six of Cups Tarot Card

The Six of Cups signifies nostalgia, innocence, and childhood memories. It represents revisiting the past, reconnecting with old friends, or finding joy in simple pleasures. This card encourages embracing innocence, cultivating gratitude, and cherishing moments of pure happiness and authenticity.

The Six of Cups Tarot Card

The Six of Cups Imagery and Symbolism

The Six of Cups in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot Cards represents nostalgia, innocence, and childhood memories. It invites you to celebrate the beauty of the past while remaining open to the present. It’s a card of emotional balance and the ability to find joy in memories.


  • The Six of Cups shows two children playing in a medieval, old-country square setting.
  • An adult is in the background, maintaining watch at a respectful distance.
  • There is a sense of safety, where innocence can flourish.
  • The children symbolize innocence, memories, and childhood in Tarot.


  • Innocence and nostalgia: The presence of children evokes memories of simpler times, emphasizing nostalgia and fond recollections.
  • Embracing the past: The Six of Cups encourages you to reconnect with happy memories and find comfort in innocence.
  • Optimistic outlook: While acknowledging the past, avoid lingering too long in nostalgia. Instead, use those memories to fortify the present.
  • Potential for renewal: Children also appear in other Tarot cards like The Sun, Ten of Cups, and Ten of Pentacles.
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The Six of Cups Divination Meaning

Allow the Six of Cups to guide you towards fostering harmony in your relationships, embracing the flow of abundance, and reconnecting with the joy of giving and receiving love.


Harmony, peace, and finding common groundThe Six of Cups often appears when you’re experiencing a period of harmony and peaceful interaction with others. It signifies resolving past conflicts, finding common ground, and building strong connections based on mutual respect and understanding.
Reunion, reconnecting with loved ones, and renewing old bondsThis card can represent reuniting with loved ones, whether after a period of separation or simply strengthening existing connections. It signifies rekindling old friendships, renewing family ties, and cherishing the joy of shared memories.
Flowing abundance, generosity, and sharing your gifts with othersThe overflowing chalices portray a spirit of abundance and generosity. It encourages you to share your time, resources, and talents with others, create a space for joyful exchange, and experience the beauty of giving and receiving freely.
Healing past hurts, forgiveness, and releasing emotional baggageThe Six of Cups can signify holding onto past hurts, refusing to forgive, and clinging to grudges that limit your emotional flow. It encourages you to practice forgiveness, release yourself and others from past burdens, and open your heart to healing and reconciliation.
Living in the past, clinging to outdated relationships, and hindering new connectionsThis position can sometimes warn against getting stuck in the past, idealizing old relationships, and neglecting to build new connections. It encourages you to embrace the present, cherish meaningful memories without being defined by them, and move forward with an open heart.


Disharmony, conflict, and difficulty finding common groundThe peaceful flow of the Six of Cups may be disrupted, signifying disharmony, conflict, and difficulty reaching understanding with others. It encourages you to identify the source of conflict, practice active listening, and work towards constructive resolution.
Missed opportunities, failing to reconnect, and letting relationships fadeThis position can represent missed opportunities for reunion, neglecting to reach out to loved ones, and letting relationships fade due to lack of communication or effort. It encourages you to take initiative, actively reconnect with those who matter, and nurture your existing bonds.
Selfishness, withholding your resources, and blocking abundanceThe Six of Cups can signify holding onto your resources out of fear or scarcity, refusing to share your gifts, and blocking the flow of abundance in your life. It encourages you to practice generosity, open yourself to receiving the abundance that is available, and create a life of joyful exchange.
Holding onto grudges, refusing to let go, and hindering emotional healingThis card can sometimes reveal the need to confront past hurts, actively work towards forgiveness, and release yourself from the emotional weight of unresolved issues. It encourages you to embrace healing, seek support if needed, and move forward with a lighter heart.
Idealizing the past, romanticizing old relationships, and neglecting personal growthThe Six of Cups can warn against clinging to romanticized versions of the past, holding onto outdated relationships that no longer serve you, and neglecting personal growth. It encourages you to face reality, acknowledge how you’ve grown, and embrace the possibilities of building new and fulfilling connections.
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The Meaning of the Six of Cups for Personal Development

The Six of Cups in the Tarot’s Minor Arcana represents nostalgia, innocence, and emotional connections from the past in personal development. It prompts individuals to reflect on their childhood experiences, embrace their inner child, heal past wounds, and cultivate kindness and compassion in their lives.

  1. Nostalgia and Childhood Memories: The Six of Cups evokes feelings of nostalgia and reminiscence about the past, particularly childhood experiences. It may represent a longing for simpler times or fond memories of innocence and playfulness. In personal development, this card encourages individuals to reflect on their past experiences, acknowledging both the positive and negative aspects while gaining insights into how they have shaped their present selves.
  2. Embracing Inner Child: Symbolically, the Six of Cups invites individuals to reconnect with their inner child, embracing qualities such as curiosity, wonder, and spontaneity. It encourages a return to a more innocent and authentic way of being, free from the burdens and responsibilities of adulthood. In personal development, this card prompts individuals to nurture their inner child, fostering creativity, joy, and a sense of playfulness in their lives.
  3. Healing Past Wounds: The Six of Cups signifies the potential for healing past wounds or unresolved issues from childhood. It suggests a time of emotional reconciliation and forgiveness, allowing individuals to let go of old hurts and embrace inner peace and wholeness. In personal development, this card encourages individuals to engage in inner work, therapy, or healing practices to address and release lingering emotional pain or trauma.
  4. Reconnecting with Loved Ones: The Six of Cups often represents reconnecting with loved ones from the past or rediscovering meaningful relationships from childhood. It may signify a reunion with old friends or family members, evoking feelings of warmth, affection, and nostalgia. In personal development, this card encourages individuals to cherish the bonds of friendship and family, fostering deeper connections and a sense of belonging.
  5. Embracing Innocence and Simplicity: The Six of Cups invites individuals to embrace simplicity and innocence in their lives, letting go of the complexities and stresses of adulthood. It encourages a return to a more carefree and uncomplicated way of living, where joy can be found in the simplest of pleasures. In personal development, this card prompts individuals to simplify their lives, prioritize what truly matters, and find happiness in the present moment.
  6. Cultivating Kindness and Compassion: Ultimately, the Six of Cups symbolizes the importance of kindness and compassion, both towards oneself and others. It encourages individuals to approach life with an open heart, extending love and understanding to those around them. In personal development, this card inspires individuals to cultivate empathy, generosity, and gratitude, fostering deeper connections and contributing to personal growth and fulfillment.
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The Six of Cups vs. Other Cups Tarot Cards

Six of CupsNostalgia, memories, happiness, childhood, innocenceShares themes of emotional connection, joy, and past experiences with other Cups.More focused on the sentimental, joyous reflection on past experiences and connections than other Cups.
Ace of CupsNew beginnings, potential, love, joy, emotional fulfillment, intuitionBoth involve emotional potential and connection.Focuses on joyful reflection on past connections vs. Ace’s pure, unencumbered potential for love and joy.
Two of CupsBalance, partnership, union, connection, shared emotionsBoth involve connection and shared experiences.Focuses on joyful reflection on past connections vs. Two’s focus on forming a balanced partnership.
Three of CupsCelebration, abundance, joy, friendship, communityBoth involve emotional joy and celebration.Focuses on the specific memories and shared happiness of past connections vs. Three’s celebration in the present.
Four of CupsContemplation, introspection, dissatisfaction, apathy, searching for meaningBoth involve emotional reflection and potential challenges.Focuses on joyful reflection on past connections vs. Four’s internal conflict and dissatisfaction.
Five of CupsLoss, disappointment, grief, rejection, letting goBoth involve potential for emotional pain and loss.Focuses on joyful reflection on past connections vs. Five’s specific experience and processing of loss.
Seven of CupsChoices, possibilities, dreams, illusions, indecisionBoth involve navigating emotional possibilities and choices.Focuses on possibilities and lessons learned from past connections vs. Seven’s broader emotional possibilities and illusions.
Eight of CupsLetting go, moving on, emotional detachment, seeking solitudeBoth involve potential for emotional change and movement.Focuses on moving forward based on learned joy from past connections vs. Eight’s specific act of letting go and seeking solitude.
Nine of CupsContentment, satisfaction, fulfillment, accomplishment, abundanceBoth involve potential for emotional fulfillment and joy.Focuses on the lasting joy and lessons learned from past connections vs. Nine’s individual, deeper state of fulfillment.
Ten of CupsHarmony, family, community, completion, happinessBoth involve potential for emotional completion and connection.Focuses on joyful memories and potential for future connections vs. Ten’s established harmony and family unit.
Page of CupsSensitivity, intuition, idealism, emotional exploration, learningBoth embody emotional curiosity and exploration.Focuses on learning and inspiration from past experiences vs. Page’s broader emotional interests and explorations.
Knight of CupsRomance, passion, chivalry, creativity, emotional expressionBoth embody passionate emotional expression.Focuses on joyful connections and lessons learned from past romance vs. Knight’s broader romantic pursuits and actions.
Queen of CupsCompassion, empathy, nurturing, intuition, emotional wisdomBoth embody emotional intelligence and connection.Focuses on finding support and emotional wisdom from past connections vs. Queen’s established emotional depth and care.
King of CupsEmotional maturity, stability, compassion, understanding, emotional controlBoth embody emotional leadership and wisdom.Focuses on seeking guidance and emotional wisdom from past experiences vs. King’s established emotional intelligence and control.
Tarot interpretation can vary. This table offers a general overview.
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The Importance of the Six of Cups

The Six of Cups signifies nostalgia, innocence, and emotional reunions. It represents childhood memories, simplicity, and the joy of revisiting the past. This card encourages the querent to embrace the innocence and wonder of childhood, while also honoring the bonds of friendship and nostalgia for cherished memories.

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What does the Six of Cups symbolize in a Tarot reading?

This question seeks to understand the general meaning and significance of the Six of Cups, particularly in relation to nostalgia, innocence, childhood memories, and emotional connections.

How does the Six of Cups influence feelings of nostalgia, reminiscence, or longing for the past?

Querents may ask about the Six of Cups’ impact on feelings of nostalgia, revisiting fond memories, or longing for simpler times from the past.

What does the Six of Cups suggest about innocence, purity, or seeing the world through a child’s eyes?

Here, the querent explores the themes of innocence, purity of heart, and the ability to find joy and wonder in simple pleasures, akin to a child’s perspective.

Does the Six of Cups indicate the need for reconnecting with one’s inner child, embracing playfulness, or finding joy in the present moment?

Querents may inquire about the importance of reconnecting with their inner child, embracing playfulness, and cultivating a sense of wonder and curiosity in life.

How does the Six of Cups influence the tendency to idealize the past or romanticize childhood memories?

This question focuses on understanding how the Six of Cups’ energy can lead to idealizing past experiences or relationships, potentially hindering one’s ability to fully engage with the present moment.

What do reversed or inverted Six of Cups cards suggest about healing past wounds, releasing attachments, or embracing growth and change?

Querents seek guidance on interpreting reversed Six of Cups cards, which may indicate a need to let go of the past, release attachments, or embrace growth and transformation.

How can I interpret the Six of Cups in the context of emotional connections, reunions, or reconnecting with loved ones?

This question explores the Six of Cups’ significance in fostering emotional connections, reunions with loved ones, or the rekindling of friendships or romantic relationships.

Does the Six of Cups symbolize the need for forgiveness, reconciliation, or resolving past conflicts with others?

Querents may inquire about the potential for forgiveness, reconciliation, or healing old wounds in relationships based on the Six of Cups’ energy.

What actions or decisions does the Six of Cups suggest I take to cultivate a sense of joy, innocence, and emotional fulfillment in life?

Querents may seek advice on how to embrace joy, nurture emotional connections, practice gratitude, or engage in activities that bring out their inner childlike wonder.

How can I connect with the energy of the Six of Cups to find peace, joy, and emotional fulfillment in the present moment?

This question explores practices such as mindfulness, inner child work, creative expression, or spending time in nature to align with the Six of Cups’ energy and cultivate a sense of peace, joy, and emotional fulfillment in life.

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