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The Cups Tarot Card Suit

The following list, represents the aspects of the Cups Tarot Card Suit:

  • Emotional aspects of life
  • The primal element of Water
  • The Astrological signs, Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio
  • The letter Heh of the Divine Name (the emergence of energy into form)

Overview Of The Cups Tarot Card Suit

The Cups Tarot Card Suit revolves around emotions. They are the core of this suit and therefor you should view it from an emotional point of view. That is, you should not look at them as indicating events or attitude towards your Questioner, rather you should look at it from the emotional viewpoint of your Questioner.

It’s quite common for us to think or imagine things or individuals to be different from what they really are. Allowing our emotions to play a big part in the way we see things. This also affects how we should read the cards or interpret them.

We may believe that what we read is the reality, but it could also be the “reality” of our Questioner. An example could be a woman who thinks a man, is in love with her, when he isn’t. Her relationship with this man could show up in the reading as two of cups, indicating a beginning of a romantic relationship.

This example would be bad to interpret this way, as it is far from the truth. Here the Questioners feelings, or assumptions are affecting the result, as this relates to her emotional feeling toward this man. Not his feelings towards her.

This kind of misreading are common when it comes to reading this suit. Quite often readers are misunderstanding the idea of the emotion, connecting it to strongly with love or romantic matters.

There is no question that love is an emotion, while emotions are not all love. Hate, rage, anger, sorrow, are all emotions that have nothing to do with love, apart from being the complete opposites.

The Cups should therefor be interpreted more as an emotional aspect of a relationship between individuals or a sign of how the Questioner sees or experiences events around him.

One thing the reader should also keep in mind, is that emotional matters or interpretations may be blunt or be uncomfortable to the Questioner. This is less important when the Questioner is not related to the reader, but when he is a friend or a relative, the reader must be careful to be over blunt in his reading.

Physical Characteristics Of The Cups Court Cards

Court CardHair ColorEye Color
QueenGolden BrownBlue
KnightBrownGray or Blue
PageBrownBrown or Blue

A list of Cups Tarot Cards will follow soon

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