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The Fool Tarot Card of the Major Arcana image

The Fool Tarot Card

The Fool takes a courageous leap of faith, embarking on a new adventure with childlike enthusiasm. Unburdened by past experiences, he represent limitless possibility and the potential for fresh starts. However, the Fool’s impulsive nature can also lead to recklessness or a lack of foresight. Consider the surrounding cards in a reading to see if the Fool’s journey is one of exciting possibility or a cautionary tale.

The Fool Tarot Card of the Major Arcana

Tarot Card Number: 0

Tree Number: 11

Ruled By: Air

Hebrew Letter: Aleph

Numerical Value: 3

Description of the Imagery and Symbolism of the Fool Tarot Card

The Fool Tarot Card of the Major Arcana, depicts a young man standing at the edge of a cliff, holding a white rose in his right hand and a small bag, sometimes called a “Fool’s bag,” on his left shoulder.

The Fool’s Appearance

  • The Fool is typically depicted as a carefree young man.
  • He wears colorful, mismatched clothes, suggesting his nonconformity and lack of concern for societal norms.
  • His hat is often adorned with a feather, symbolizing the free spirit and connection with the element of air.

The Cliff and the Landscape

  • The Fool stands at the edge of a cliff, about to take a step into the unknown.
  • The landscape is mountainous, indicating challenges and obstacles on the journey ahead.
  • The Fool appears unaware or unconcerned about the potential risks, emphasizing a sense of innocence or naivety.

The White Rose

  • The Fool holds a white rose in his right hand, symbolizing purity, innocence, and new beginnings.
  • The white color suggests a clean slate and the potential for untarnished experiences.

The Fool’s Bag

  • The Fool carries a small bag, often tied to a staff or pole he carries over his shoulder.
  • The bag is thought to contain the Fool’s worldly possessions, representing the minimalistic and carefree nature of the character.

The Dog

  • A small white dog stands at the Fool’s heels, looking up at him.
  • The dog symbolizes loyalty, companionship, and the instinctive side of the Fool’s nature.
  • It may also represent the Fool’s guide or intuition, suggesting that he is protected on his journey.

The Sun in the Background

  • In the background, there is often a bright yellow sun, radiating light.
  • The sun represents optimism, enlightenment, and the idea that the Fool is stepping into a new phase with a positive outlook.


  • The Fool is usually assigned the number 0 (zero) in the Major Arcana, emphasizing the potential for infinite possibilities and a new cycle.


  • The Fool’s facial expression is often carefree and open, reflecting a lack of worry or preoccupation with the potential challenges ahead.

The Fool card is a symbol of beginnings, spontaneity, and the willingness to embrace the unknown. It encourages a leap of faith and a sense of adventure in the journey of life. The Fool is both the protagonist and the archetype of the Tarot, symbolizing the eternal quest for self-discovery and personal growth.

The Fool Tarot Card is a special card within the Major Arcana Tarot Cards. Its numerical value of 0 basically puts it wherever within the deck.

Traditionally the card is placed in front of the Magician Tarot Card or between the Judgment Tarot Card, card XX and the World Tarot Card, card XIX.

The Fool Divination Meaning

The Fool Tarot Card is a beginning of a new cycle. The discovery of talents and abilities, of optimism and happiness. There are important decisions and choices to be made, a new door opening towards new opportunities. This can be in all realms, material, spiritual or relationship.


New Beginnings and JourneysThe Fool signifies the start of something new, an exciting adventure or venture. It encourages you to embrace the unknown with open arms and trust the process.
Faith and InnocenceThis card represents naive optimism and trusting your intuition. It urges you to approach life with childlike wonder and a carefree spirit.
Spontaneity and CreativityThe Fool encourages you to break free from routines and be spontaneous. Use your imagination and explore new possibilities.
Potential and Untapped ResourcesThis card symbolizes having untapped potential and resources within you. It’s a call to explore your hidden talents and capabilities.


Recklessness and ImpulsivenessThe reversed Fool warns against being too hasty or impulsive. Take calculated risks and consider the consequences before leaping.
Lack of Direction and PlanningThis card reflects feeling lost or unsure of your next step. Take time to reflect and set clear intentions before proceeding.
Fear of the UnknownThe reversed Fool may indicate hesitation or fear of stepping outside your comfort zone. Don’t let fear hold you back, trust your courage.
Negligence and CarelessnessThis card warns against being careless or ignoring potential dangers. Be mindful of your choices and their consequences.
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