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The Judgement Tarot Card of the Major Arcana image

The Judgment Tarot Card

Judgment is a call to inner awakening and reevaluation. This card prompts you to examine your life choices and realign yourself with your true purpose. Judgment can symbolize a time of self-reflection, receiving a wake-up call, or reconnecting with your spiritual path. In a negative light, Judgment can represent feelings of guilt or shame, fear of being judged, or a resistance to change.

The Judgment Tarot Card of the Major Arcana

Tarot Card Number: 20

Tree Number: 31

Ruled By: Fire

Hebrew Letter: Shin

Numerical Value: 3

The Judgment Tarot Card Description

This card shows an angel in clouds blowing a tromped with the flag of St. George on it. Below the angel are coffins floating on water and people are rising from them. In the background there is land crowned with a large mountain ridge.

Primary Meaning

Awakening is the center of this card. It symbolizes renewal and joy of accomplishing ones tasks. It shows changes to the better in the Questioners life. This card is a cyclical card, but indicates more the beginning than the end.

Secondary Meaning

As a card of cycles, the secondary meaning will refer to an ending of lesser pleasure to the Questioner. It might indicate that projects could have been done better or that the Questioner is having second thoughts about his work. It might also mean a negative outcome in legal matters.

Further Reading

There are e-books or guides that offer the beginner some guidance.But no matter what is promised, you should always remember that true knowledge of the Tarot Cards comes with time.

Learning to read the Tarot Cards takes time, a lot of time and the virtue of patience is of high value during that time. Just this fact automatically filters out the ones that are not ready.

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