The Justice Tarot Card

The Justice Tarot Card of the Major Arcana Tarot Card suit
The Justice Tarot Card

Tarot Card Number: 11

Tree Number: 22

Ruled By: Libra

Hebrew Letter: Lamed

Numerical Value: 12


The Justice Tarot Card Description

The card shows a crowned woman holding up a sword in her right hand and a scale in her left. She is sitting between two pillars and a cloth hangs between them. This is also The Judgment Tarot Card.

Primary Meaning

This card brings forth legal matters, contracts, settlements, judgment. This card can also show up in relation to marriage pointing to the contractual side of it, financial contracts

Secondary Meaning

Mostly the same as primary meaning except the legal matters facing the Questioner will have a negative outcome. If no legal matters are in process, they might come up in a negative way.

Further Reading

There are e-books or guides that offer the beginner some guidance.But no matter what is promised, you should always remember that true knowledge of the Tarot Cards comes with time.

Learning to read the Tarot Cards takes time, a lot of time and the virtue of patience is of high value during that time. Just this fact automatically filters out the ones that are not ready.