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The Magician Tarot Card of the Major Arcana image

The Magician Tarot Card

The Magician embodies resourcefulness and the ability to manifest your will through focused action. With sleight of hand and a bag full of tricks, he reminds you of the power you hold to shape your reality through imagination, knowledge, and inspired action. The Magician also represents potential deception or manipulation, so be mindful of using your power with integrity.

The Magician Tarot Card of the Major Arcana

Tarot Card Number: 1

Tree Number: 12

Ruled By: Mercury

Hebrew Letter: Beth

Numerical Value: 9

The Magician Tarot Card Description

The Magician Tarot Card is the first card of the Major Arcana Tarot Cards. This card depicts a young man standing behind a table upon which has been placed the symbols of the four suits of the Minor Arcana Tarot Cards, the Pentacle, Cup, Sword and Wands.

This young man is an apprentice starting on his journey towards knowledge and enrichment. He has in front of him all he needs to succeed and has the confidence to continue.

Primary Meaning

This card shows will and determination, of someone starting a journey. This is more a journey of personal enrichment, either material or spiritual. This is less of a beginning in the realm of personal relationships. There is initiative and some willingness to take risk and utilize the potential that rest within every individual. This card also shows tendency towards organizational and communicative skills.

Secondary Meaning

The reversed meaning of this card, is the one of poor self image, timidity and self-deprecation. A tendency to delay new projects or journeys, for no reasons in-particular. This also indicates poor organizational skills and coordination.

Further Reading

There are e-books or guides that offer the beginner some guidance.But no matter what is promised, you should always remember that true knowledge of the Tarot Cards comes with time.

Learning to read the Tarot Cards takes time, a lot of time and the virtue of patience is of high value during that time. Just this fact automatically filters out the ones that are not ready.

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