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The Pentacles Tarot Card Suit

The following list, represents the aspects of the Pentacles Tarot Card Suit:

  • Material issues
  • The Earth element
  • The Astrological signs, Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo
  • The letter Heh of the Divine Name (the completion of energy into form)

Overview Of The Pentacles Tarot Card Suit

Money and material things is the core meaning of this suit. In addition this suit is probably the most up front suit of the four suits of the Minor Arcana. Its down to earth aspects makes this suit a very comfortable suit to have in a reading, especially if it is the dominant suit.

For simple straightforward answers, this suit is quite convenient as the Questioners life seems to open up in front of the Reader. On the other hand, this might pose some complications as it may seem that the Reader is only stating the obvious, telling the Questioner something he already knows.

It may be difficult to interpret this suit on its own, as the money aspect is usually something that is a consequence of some other action or event. This puts more importance to other suits or cards in the spread.

For example if a spread shows a dominant Pentacle Tarot Card Suit supported by a healthy doze of the Wands Tarot Card Suit, then the Questioner can expect financial gains in a business opportunity or carrier move.

If it’s supported by the Cups Tarot Card Suit, the Questioner might be worrying about his financial situation or that he might be faced with a choice in relation to financial matters.

As a secondary suit, the Pentacles may give financial support to other suits. Looking at the Wands Tarot Cards Suit as a dominant suit, the Pentacles could indicate that the work at hand has financial potentials. It might also mean that the Questioner is more interested in the work itself, rather than the financial potentials.

A dominant Cups Tarot Card Suit, could indicate that the Questioner is faced with choices that could involve financial benefits. Here the choice is the center of the reading and the Pentacles only a possible byproduct of the choice.

Money and material things seem to rule or control everything in our life. It’s therefor quite common to see Pentacles in spreads. But we have to understand that money has no value. It only represents value. This is why the Pentacles Tarot Card Suit can seldom be interpreted independently.

Physical Characteristics Of The Pentacles Court Cards

Court CardHair ColorEye Color
KnightDark BrownDark
PageRich BrownDark

A list of Pentacles Tarot Cards will follow soon

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