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The Sun Tarot Card of the Major Arcana image

The Sun Tarot Card

The Sun radiates joy, happiness, and a sense of vitality. It represents a time of success, recognition, and a feeling of wholeness. The Sun can symbolize achieving a goal, feeling confident and radiant, or a time of abundance and celebration. In a negative light, The Sun can represent arrogance, overconfidence, or a need for validation from others.

The Sun Tarot Card of the Major Arcana

Tarot Card Number: 19

Tree Number: 30

Ruled By: The Sun

Hebrew Letter: Resh

Numerical Value: 9

The Sun Tarot Card Description

A naked child crowned with a tiara of flowers riding a white horse, is the centerpiece of this card. Above the child, which is holding a long red banner in its left hand, is a large sun with a face upon it. Behind the child is a wall with sunflowers on top.

Primary Meaning

This is a card of material happiness, good health and an abundance. It also relates to achievement, at work or through studies. Happiness and success is awaiting the Questioner.

Secondary Meaning

Generally a good card, the secondary meaning might lean more to a slower realization of the outcome or the result will be less strong. On the other hand it could also point to some difficulties, especially in relation to childbirth.

Further Reading

There are e-books or guides that offer the beginner some guidance.But no matter what is promised, you should always remember that true knowledge of the Tarot Cards comes with time.

Learning to read the Tarot Cards takes time, a lot of time and the virtue of patience is of high value during that time. Just this fact automatically filters out the ones that are not ready.

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