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The Swords Tarot Card Suit

The following list, represents the aspects of the Swords Tarot Card Suit:

  • Mental aspects of life
  • The primal element of Air
  • The Astrological signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
  • The letter Vau of the Divine Name (the stabilization of form)

Overview Of The Swords Tarot Card Suit

When it comes to The Swords Tarot Card Suit, most people frown, as this suit has a very bad reputation. Death, sickness, arguments and conflict is the core understanding of most of the cards in the suit.

This is all true and I understand those who don’t like when this suit turns up. But the fact of the matter is, that life can be difficult and all these things are part of life. As the suit relating to mental aspects of life, it’s to be expected that the turmoil of our daily life show up here.

These things being part of life is all good and well, but why do we feel that this suit turns up so frequently? Life has been changing through the centuries, but not necessarily to the better. Modern life is without a question more fulfilling and offers more choices of entertainment and activities, but there is a dark shadow following our way of life.

For many, life is not this happy fairground where the fun never stops. Rather they feel it to be completely the opposite. Life for many is difficult and swarming with sickness and bad health. Death and destruction. Their experience of life is one of struggle and obstacles.

One of the main reason for our fear of this suit, is the fact that we’ve forgotten the basics of life, you get born and then you die. Of course with life passing on in-between. We’ve blocked these things and forgotten that they are the natural aspects of life.

But before you fall into despair and frustration, you should also remember that this is the suit of mental aspects, mental also indicating that the cards might not necessarily be foretelling actual events or situations, but rather it could be the way the Questioner experiences them.

Quite often. Actually most of the time, we experience things in a more drastic or dramatic manner than what the reality actually has to offer. We also forget, that reality is most of the time how we experience things and not something written in stone.

Two individuals might experience the exact same event or situation in a completely different way. Giving them two distinct and different “realities”. So who’s reality is real?

We must not forget that this suit can also indicate triumph and travel over water and thus indicating favorable changes or even opportunities as they quite often follow changes.

What you as a reader must bear in mind, is the way you explain or read these cards. Though they may be showing difficulties or despair, they’re also part of how we visualize them.

Life is full of surprises and we should focus on the way we want to experience it, rather than letting the events control our experience.

Physical Characteristics Of The Swords Court Cards

Court CardHair ColorEye Color
KingDark BrownDark
QueenLight BrownGrey
PageLight BrownBlue

A list of Swords Tarot Cards will follow soon

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